About the Author

I’m Dan Nelson and I live in the UK.

I love to write and have published 3 eBooks, see links below:

The Lost Secrets of English Writing

The Perfect Home Office Paradise

The Morgan Project

I also edited and published the first edition of my late grandfather’s autobiography,
see it here: The Untold Story.

Dan having far too much fun with dancing girls in Corfu!

I have various hobbies including home brewing (www.hardcorebrewing.com),
composing music (www.snipurl.com/70g9w
and games programming (www.batakduel.com).

I love to cook (especially Thai, Indian, Chinese) and entertain people (frequent dinner parties!).

I really enjoy travelling and my preferred country is Greece since the people there are just so friendly and hospitable. And of course there’s that great weather and the Greek girls are gorgeous :)

I’m also very interested in personal finance and philosophy.
I have combined both subjects into another blog that I run (www.savingsjourney.com)

How to contact me…

Email:   dannelsontmp@gmail.com

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