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Interview with Kindle Author, David Wisehart.

What inspired you to launch the ‘Kindle Author Blogspot’?

When I decided to digitally self-publish my first novel “Devil’s Lair” on Kindle and other
e-readers, I knew I had to step up my game in terms of social media. I’d started several blogs in the past, most of which had long since withered and died. I was active on Facebook and Twitter. I had a website. But I wanted a social media hub to promote my novel and my future books, so I started the Kindle Author blog.

Originally, I was going to talk a lot about my own writing and my journey as a self-published author. To get some quick content on my new blog, I did a few interviews with other indie authors. Soon more and more writers asked to be interviewed, and that became the focus of my blog. I now spend much more time promoting other people’s books than my own, but I benefit as well.

How do you plan on expanding your blog in the future?

My blog, like a gourmand’s waistline, naturally expands. I’ve interviewed nearly 1400 authors in the past fourteen months and I can’t keep up with all the email requests I receive for new interviews. I’m months behind and I seriously wonder if I’ll ever be able to catch up. I’ve got enough incoming material to keep me busy 18 hours a day, seven days a week. But I also have a part-time teaching job and the vestiges of a social life. Plus I need to write my own books.

Can you describe a typical working day for yourself?

Every day is different. My teaching schedule varies (I’m an SAT teacher and tutor for Kaplan), and I’m often in theater rehearsals (I’m playing Larry in Patrick Marber’s “Closer,” which opens February in Hollywood).

But generally I wake up and publish the day’s sponsored post (a paid advertisement), and any other blog ads that need posting. I answer emails. I spend a few hours writing on my own projects. I take frequent breaks to engage in social media. In the late afternoon or evening I’ll edit the Kindle Author interviews and schedule them for the next day.

What do you think of Amazon’s Kindle platform and it’s dominant position right now?

I love Kindle. Although I own a lot of books, I do most of my reading now on my Kindle. It’s also my platform of choice for publishing, though I publish on multiple e-readers. More than 90% of my sales come from Amazon.

Have you published any books yourself as hard copies or eBooks?

My first adventure in self-publishing was in 2006 when I published “Valentino: a play in verse” as a print-on-demand title through Lulu. Recently I edited the College of the Canyons New Works Festival Anthology, which is available in print through CreateSpace.

I have several short stories available as ebooks, plus a story collection. And I’m writing and editing several novels I hope to release very soon.

What do you think of the ‘Amanda Hocking’ eBook success story?

Very inspiring.

She was, of course, one of the first indie authors to really break out in a major way through digital publishing. Amanda was also one of the first authors I interviewed for my blog. At the time, July 2010, she was already getting strong sales, but she wasn’t yet the blockbuster bestseller she is today.

When I first put out my call for author interviews, Amanda Hocking was one of the first to contact me. She was very engaged with book bloggers that summer and her promotional efforts probably helped her sales. But mostly she was successful because she wrote compelling stories and published prolifically.

I’m of course very happy for her success and also happy for those who follow her example to live their own dreams.

Who is your favourite author and why?

J.R.R. Tolkien, because I probably wouldn’t be a writer without him. My father read “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” to me and my brothers when we were kids. I got my own set of Tolkien’s books when I was eight, and read them over and over. Many of my early stories were very Tolkienesque, and my first published novel — “Devil’s Lair,” a journey through Dante’s Inferno — was influenced by the mines of Moria sequence from “The Lord of the Rings.”

What one person inspires you the most and why?

William Shakespeare.

He wasn’t the best plotter, but his way with the English language is unsurpassed and he gave us many of literature’s richest characters.

Do you run any other websites?

I also run an active blog for my upcoming detective series. You can read sample chapters here.

What hobbies and other interests do you have?

I’m very active in theater. In the past year and half I’ve acted in eight plays, directed five and produced two.

David Wisehart
Writer, Director, Producer
Kindle Author

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